Backlog and meeting agenda

Everything starting with a tension (drivers and proposals) are added to a backlog. If you're going ahead and doing it yourself, it goes to your personal operations backlog. If it's a team effort that doesn't require a team agreement (or has one already) and we can just go ahead and do it, it goes to our team operations backlog (the Trello or Planner board is usually where it goes). If it's a team effort that requires a team agreement, it goes to our team governance backlog. Most teams' governance backlog is in Office 365 Planner with buckets for tension, driver, proposal, agenda and final agreements.

When there are designed proposals on the table, these are added to the backlog and prioritised either by the meeting facilitator (responsible for sticking to the agenda and making sure decisions are made) or together with the team in the beginning of the meeting.

The meeting secretary (responsible for making sure everyone is invited and knows when and where to go) sends out the agenda with the governance backlog items (i.e. proposals) at the very minimum 24 hours before the governance meeting (as described below). This kind of proactivity invites everyone to take responsibility and be prepared in the meeting. It's also a way of co-creating the agenda so that we all agree on what the meeting should be about. If something should be changed or added, this is communicated to the meeting secretary. Simply put, it saves precious time and energy.

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