Primary Drivers

Primary drivers are the backbone of the organisation, our purpose defined on all levels from the outside in. It's our raison d'être, reason for being. These are more consistent over time than ordinary sub drivers and they guide our behaviour. It's our new boss. Every decision we make should be in line with our primary driver. Our company has a primary driver, as does our business unit, our team, the roles you keep and preferably even you as a person. When these are in line with each other and we act accordingly and consistently, we are a highly functioning organisation.

Examples of a primary driver:


We live in a world that changes at a breakneck pace which has become increasingly complex and uncertain. Communication is at the heart of bridging this challenge and the ability to adapt and change is what sets us apart from our competition. We help companies change their approach to communication. We know how.

Finance team

Comprend operates in a changing market with lots of uncertainty and must be able to trust the numbers to be sure that we take the right decisions. Comprend Finance needs to work close to the business with the right skills, tools and processes to support the organisation.

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